Vagina Monologues



I’m always having interesting conversations with people on social media for the problematic heteronormative points of view which are put out there. I also recently attended a fantastic, deep conversation on campus called the Vagina Monologues (courtesy of the Student Representative Council [For Women Empowerment])  – whereby a safe space for all those who identify as ‘Womxn’ could share their experiences about their sexuality and issues that ‘womxn’ face daily. Dominant themes were rape, sex, virginity, menstruation, homophobia, transphobia, religion, violence among various others.

I will be introducing my own version of the Vagina Monologues on the blog in which I discuss and share thoughts of the same nature from my personal thoughts from time to time as well as conversations I constantly hear and have. Be cautioned that some of these posts may cause you discomfort and that’s okay but these are real and controversial issues which need to be addressed. You may not agree with everything that is expressed here and I’m always more than willing to have discussions so long as they are respectful.


“It seemed I was responsible for taking Soraya to a gynaecologist for a hymen restoration. What is that you ask? Turns out  there are gynaecologists doing big business in London with university girls from conservative societies. Have all the fun you like for three or four years then “Come to us and we will make you as good as new for your traditional men who have been fucking maids, prostitutes, or other men but want to get married to virgins.”‘ London Cape Town Joburg, Zukiswa Wanner

“The problem with equating virginity to purity is that there is an entire world with systems, beliefs and indoctrinations which are designed to police only one party’s purity. And all the while, they, whom these girls and women preserve themselves for, freely defile, contaminate and impurify themselves until they decide to settle down with the “pure” flower of their choice. So much for all the preservation, only to share yourself to the filthiest for the rest of your life.” Gugu the Seer


“Don’t become what you fight – we already ave enough men who see women as bargaining chips and mere means for their personal gains.” Gugu the Seer


” Look at how little this child is and how much projection this parent is doing- Preoccupation with sex, marriage” @NthabiWabi


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