A Love Aff-hair



Because the definition of  beauty is not a law or fact.

Because the definition of beauty is not a law or fact.

Doesn't that look just like her?

Doesn’t that look just like her?

This is another poem that’s really close to my heart. If I were the Big Brother (or Sister rather) of my own Orwellian state I would select my propaganda to go along the lines of these pictures and this poem by Lebo Mashile.

I started wearing my hair natural about three years ago and although it is tough at times, I prefer it because it wasn’t made kinky by mistake- whether you believe in God’s Creation or Intelligent Design.

You can’t force self-love on people but self-hate…that’s everywhere.The only way to do it is through inspiration. This is me doing my bit.

Lebo-Mashile-4 (1)

Lebogang Mashile

I want to write a poem
About pretty black girls
Who don’t relax and lie their dreams away
Voices that curl
The straight edges of history
Hair thin slices of a movement
Turning the world kinky
I respect the disciplined silent screamers
Who expose the holes
Emily Dickinson, I am climbing through
To your wooden shed of isolation
Where the robin’s song
Robbed you of your sanity
I revere people to my own detriment
Perhaps you did too
But when I enter your hallowed hearth
Please don’t turn me away
I want to show pretty black girls
How to look at their hearts
With eyes blaring at full blast
The way you did
Together we can build a bridge
To the promise in their faces
And pull them towards poems
By pretty black girls
Wearing crowns of change


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